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Brampton waterjet Waterjets are a relatively modern invention. While the idea was brought about in the 50's, it wasn't widely adapted by the industries until a few decades later. At current date, waterjets play a vital role in many industries which require precision cutting solution which can offer higher efficiency by saving both time and money.
Auto industry: Auto industry utilizes waterjet heavily, especially in customization process. Rather than to process a piece of metal through multitudes of other process, cutting it once with a waterjet can produce same, if not better, results. This is possible since waterjets do not damage the material being cut. Since there is no dross or warping, you either need minimal or no processing of the part which has been cut before using them.
Home renovation: More and more homes are now being built to client's specifications. Home owners now demand custom countertops and furniture created from the exotic materials they choose. Waterjets are able to cut the hardest stones and wood alike. While traditional mechanical saws can easily fracture expensive marble countertops, waterjets will never put the material in danger in the same manner. Waterjets are usually the go to solution for home renovation since it can be adapted to cut various types of materials.
Consumer electronics: Personal electronic devices are becoming more smaller and intricate as our technology advances. Many companies are turning to waterjet cutting in order to create smaller parts and casing using tougher materials. Waterjet offers great precision and accuracy, which is the number one requirement when it comes to creating parts for small electronics.
Factory production: Waterjets don't have to stop. Since there is no contact point between the waterjet and the material being cut, there is less need for maintenance, repairs or replacements. This allows factories to continuously produce goods without stopping. Facilities with waterjets are able to offer phenomenal turnaround times without sacrificing quality or cost.
Prototyping: Waterjets can easily handle custom projects and initial prototype creation without much hassle, which makes it a perfect solution whenever an individual or a company comes up with a brand new concept. Waterjet makes materialization of new ideas possible by offering flexibility in the fabrication process at an amazing pace.
When an idea is so widely accepted everywhere, it is a clear sign that the said idea is a winner. Waterjet cutting has revolutionized cutting process and has become one of the undisputed standards of metal fabrication. While the technology is relatively new, it has advanced so much over the years since it has shown so much potential from the very beginning. Simple ideas like adding abrasive materials to the waterjet has increased its cutting potential dramatically. Creating equipments which can deliver higher pressure to the waterjets have also accomplished the same task. Through innovation and constant evolution, waterjet has quickly become a key player in the fabrication industry.
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